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Lando Norris McLaren MCL38 - Monaco GP 2024 Senna Livery Model Car - Minichamps


Senna 30th Anniversary by McLaren MCL38
Lando Norris Monaco GP 2024

生產自 Minichamps | 預計於2025年第1 - 第2季度交運
Manufactured by Minichamps | Target release date in 2025 Q1-Q2


Material 材質 |  Resin 樹脂

(1:43原廠包含展示箱 )
(1:43With Acrylic Cover)



The pictures are for reference only. The colors and details are based on the final product. Please note that once the order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.

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請注意,目前Minichamps模型車出現大範圍延誤的情況,包含2023賽季模型車,不排除2024賽季模型車會同時出現延誤,如大家對Minicamps交貨日期存有疑慮請酌情考慮預購。 一經確認訂購,無法取消,敬請留意。

Please note that Minichamps model cars are currently experiencing a wide range of delays in delivery, especially for 2023 Season F1 Model Cars, and we do not rule out the possibility that the 2024 season model cars may also have delays. Please note that once the order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

Senna Livery

At the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren unveiled a special livery inspired by Ayrton Senna’s iconic helmet colors to honor the 30th anniversary of his death. The livery featured the vibrant yellow, green, and blue colors associated with Senna, paying tribute to his legacy and success with McLaren, particularly his six wins at Monaco.

In the race, Oscar Piastri secured an impressive second place, achieving his best result of the season, while Lando Norris finished in fourth place. Piastri started from the front row and remained competitive throughout the race, finishing just behind winner Charles Leclerc. Norris also had a strong performance, adding valuable points to McLaren’s standings.

2024年摩納哥大獎賽中,麥拉倫MCL38使用了特別的塗裝,靈感來自 Senna 冼拿標誌性巴西頭盔顏色,以紀念他逝世30週年。這款塗裝採用鮮豔黃、綠色,記念他在摩納哥的六次勝利。

比賽中,Oscar Piastri 獲得了令人印象深刻的第二名,這是他本賽季最好的成績,而 Lando Norris 則獲得了第四名。Piastri 從前排起步,整場比賽中保持高競爭力,僅次於冠軍Charles Leclerc完賽。Norris 也有出色的表現,為麥拉倫增加寶貴積分。


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