Ferrari FXX 2006 Rosso - Car2 - BBR 1:43 Model Car

Pre-Owned Model Car

Kindly be advised that this model is pre-owned, having been kept by a single collector and maintained in excellent condition.


Manufactured by BBR | Scale 1:43
生產自 BBR | Scale 1:43


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Ferrari FXX 2006

The Ferrari FXX is a high-performance, track-only development prototype built by Ferrari. It's part of Ferrari's exclusive Corse Clienti program, offering wealthy clients the opportunity to purchase and participate in the development of Ferrari's most advanced and experimental technologies. The FXX features a massively powerful 6.3-liter V12 engine that produces over 800 horsepower, allowing it to achieve extraordinary speeds and acceleration. With only 30 units produced, it's a rare sight, incorporating advanced aerodynamics, composite materials, and racing technology to push the boundaries of what's possible in automotive engineering. The FXX is not street legal and is designed purely for use on the track, representing the pinnacle of Ferrari's pursuit of performance.

法拉利FXX是法拉利製造的高性能賽道專用開發原型車。它是法拉利獨家Corse Clienti計劃的一部分,為富有的客戶提供購買並參與開發法拉利最先進、最實驗性技術的機會。FXX配備了一台強大的6.3升V12發動機,產生超過800馬力,使其能夠達到非凡的速度和加速能力。僅生產了30台,它是一種罕見的景象,結合了先進的空氣動力學、複合材料和賽車技術,以推動汽車工程可能性的界限。FXX不是街道合法的,純粹設計用於賽道上,代表了法拉利對性能追求的頂峰。


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